Bing Bing Energy Drink

The healthy and delicious way to energize. Made with real black Bing cherries. A delicious energizing beverage with ginkgo biloba, ginseng and vitamin C. 40 calories per can. Had a good Bing lately? What's your Bing idea? Bing me, baby! I just got Binged! Get your Bing today? Defining Bing: Bing (beng), n. 1. the point in time at which inspiration occurs; inspiration of a quirky or offbeat nature. ex. you need a good Bing. 2. an exceptionally brilliant thought or inspiration. ex. I just had a great Bing. adj. 1. to become energized and/or inspired in a offbeat manner. The nature of pure inspiration. ex. Hey, what's the Bing idea? (-binger, -bingest). v. 1. To get an idea. 2. To get a quirky, offbeat idea. ex. Get Binged! (-binging, -binged). 5% cherry juice. All natural colors, all natural flavors.