Johnsons First Aid Gauze, Rolled

3 inch x 90 in. Sterile roll. No. 1 thickness & absorbency. Stretches & conforms to hard to bandage areas. The power to heal. Rolled gauze thickness and absorbency are key factors in providing protection to a wound. And Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid Rolled Gauze is the thickest and most absorbent gauze available. Why are thickness and absorbency important? Thicker rolled gauze helps wounds heal by cushioning and protecting them from re-injury. More absorbent rolled gauze helps primary dressings pull excess fluids away from the wound site, helping to lower the risk of infection. Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand First Aid Rolled Gauze is the ideal wrap for securing dressings on hard-to-bandage areas. Rolled Gauze stretches and also clings to itself, so it provides freedom of movement while remaining securely wrapped. A covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one. Sterile unless individual wrapper is opened or damaged. Made in China.