Tampax® Essentials® Super Unscented Plastic Tampons 18 ct Box

Get the Unique Tampax Protection System! Tampax with LeakGuard helps stop leaks so you can be protected for up to a maximum of 8 hours, even overnight. Tampax Essentials has a unique LeakGuard Skirt, a tampon designed to fit your unique shape, smooth rounded plastic applicator for comfortable insertion, and Sturdy Grip for your precise placement. When Mother Nature delivers your "monthly gift"--outsmart her with the protection of Tampax. Sturdy Grip with full length applicator, helps prevent your fingers from slipping and helps get your tampon in the right place. Tampax Essentials Unique Protection System It's Essential: Protection Designed to Fit Your Unique Shape and Lifestyle LeakGuard Skirt for Built-In Backup Protection Smooth, Rounded Plastic Applicator for Comfortable Insertion Use for 8 Hours Maximum